Lessons learned this month

Over the past few weeks I have been buried in work projects but have taken some time to reflect on Fit and Toned.  Here are a few points that I have learned recently or issues that I have come across.  I know this isn’t a typical blog post for me but I wanted to share some tidbits with you so that you can get to know Fit and Toned better and maybe you encounter some of these same issues.

1. Insurance companies are such a pain.  As part of Fit and Toned, I offer consulting services primarily dealing with chart auditing and reimbursement issues.  Spending countless hours researching these topics, I am just as frustrated as many other therapists and patients out there with the insurance companies.  Healthcare has become such a challenging system to navigate and, in my opinion, very limiting for what people really need.  This has only strengthened my decision on my business model with an out-of-network Physical Therapy clinic.  I have found that it is the only way to provide quality care for people to get better quicker and to provide them with what they really need, not what insurance says they need.  I’ll get off my healthcare soapbox but it really is frustrating to see people not get the treatment they need because of the limitations on us as providers.

2. Most people don’t know what Physical Therapists do or what they have to do in order to see one.  Did you know that in Wisconsin you can go directly to your Physical Therapist if you are having pain or an injury?  This is great because it expedites the process of going to the physician first and can save you money.  We also are capable of treating such a broad range of impairments that I have found most people have no idea of.  For example, if you are post-partum and experiencing pain with activities, that is something we can resolve rather than having to live in pain.  Or after a concussion we work on returning your balance and vestibular system to baseline and get rid of any dizziness or ear ringing.  Most people that I have talked to lately have the idea that we only rehab patients after surgery.  But what alot don’t realize is if you are having pain, we can help prevent the need for surgery!  The best thing someone can do is ask if it’s something their Physical Therapist can treat and they will help you or refer you to the appropriate person.

3. My patients have been getting better quicker with a manual therapy approach.  This is such a great feeling for me as a Physical Therapist to have my patients get better at a fast rate.  It’s such a rewarding job to help someone get rid of pain so they can live their life how they want to and not live in pain all the time.  I have found that using a manual therapy approach has helped expedite this process and the patients’ are thrilled to not have pain.  For example, one patient of mine came to me with 8/10 shoulder pain.  After one session, her pain went to a 2/10 which is awesome!

4. I struggle with time management and have not made time for myself lately.  As I mentioned above, I have been buried in a very large consulting project lately as well as dealing with a full schedule in the business.  And last night I actually sat on the porch and read a book for awhile then went out to a movie with my husband.  It felt great!  As I get busier and busier, I realize that I need to put systems into place in order to streamline my day to day tasks as well as manage my time in order to make time for my family and myself.  It’s definitely not easy and I’m sure most people have similar struggles in one form or another.  But my goal lately has been to try to find a better balance and brainstorming ways to do that.  Some of my thoughts have been to hire on an administrative assistant to help handle my office tasks, becoming more high tech in order to streamline my processes and also formulate action plans to help me stay on task (and schedule those work times in so I don’t work all day and all night).  It’s a work in progress and if you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

I always feel that continual learning is a good thing and helps make us better, which is why I wanted to share some of these lessons and reflections with you this week.  Maybe you have realized some of the same things as I have.  And I’m sure we all wish we had more time to spend with friends and family!  Stay tuned this month for a video series that I am doing on some common injuries and a few techniques to do at home to resolve them.  Hope you have a great rest of your week!  I am heading on vacation this weekend for our wedding anniversary and am looking forward to getting away 🙂


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