Using Kinesiotape for Knee Pain with Runners

Have you watched the Olympics and noticed all of the colorful tape that a lot of the athletes were wearing?  Did you wonder what it was and what it did?  Well the tape you’ve seen is called Kinesiotape.  It’s a special tape that has quite a bit of stretch to it and it was specifically designed to help give proprioceptive input, decrease swelling, activate or inhibit muscle activity, and decrease pain.  I’ve recently started a video blog series for the month with 4 videos total and today’s video teaches you how to use kinesiotape to help eliminate knee pain with running (or other sports that involve running).

Some tips for using Kinesiotape:

  • Don’t buy the pre-cut strips since you will end up wasting quite a bit of tape that way
  • Buy good quality Kinesiotape because there is a difference between the cheap and expensive brands (the cheap stuff does not stick well)
  • You can leave it on for several days, as long as it lasts without peeling off and the tape can get wet in the shower.
  • Pay attention in the video with when you should apply stretch and when not to stretch the tape since you do not want to stretch it when you are anchoring the ends down.

Hope you enjoy the video and are able to give it a try at home.  It may not resolve your knee pain depending on the cause of the knee pain but it’s a great DIY technique that you could try first.  Email me at or you can book an appointment with me if you’d like to learn more or are having knee pain.


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