4 ways to burn more fat with your workout

Have you ever felt like you just aren’t making progress in the gym even though you are going often and working hard?  Sometimes we land ourselves on a plateau and it’s hard to get off of it.  Perhaps you want to wear a certain cocktail dress to a holiday party or are going on a beach vacation and want to feel good in a swimsuit.  Today I have 4 tips for you to help you get off the plateau and continue to burn fat in order to meet your goals!

  1. Put down the cell phone!  I can’t even begin to tell you how many people I see sitting on the weight bench on their cell phones rather than working out.  One time, a guy did one set of bicep curls in the 30 minutes that I was working out.  If this is you, it is sabotaging your workout!  Try to resist long rest breaks while texting or playing on your phone.  It allows your heart rate to drop too much and your workout won’t be effective.  Plus, you are taking up equipment that other people might want and it’s just annoying.  Put the phone down and lift some weights (getting off my soapbox now).
  2. Try intervals rather than long duration cardio.  If you do cardio for an extended amount of time say 30-60 minutes at the same pace, it could be limiting your fat loss.  Granted, if you are training for a specific event, ie: marathon, you will need to do long runs for training purposes.  But if you are working out to burn fat and lose weight, try mixing it up with intervals.  An interval is where you vary the intensity for a short burst of time.  For example, sprint at a fast pace for 1 minute then jog or walk for 1 minute.  This will really help amp up the fat burn during your workout.
  3. Minimize your rest breaks.  Rest breaks should be kept to 45-60 seconds long, unless you are performing Olympic powerlifts, but most people are not.  This allows your body just enough rest to recover but keeps your heart rate up which also helps maximize fat burning.
  4. Pair exercises together.  This is called a superset when two exercises are paired together and are performed back to back without rest in between.  For example, pairing a bicep curl with a tricep extension.  You want to be targeting different muscle groups in the superset so that one muscle group has time to recover while you work the other.  This allows for less rest needed and keeps your heart rate up.  Whenever you can keep the heart rate elevated, it helps to burn more fat.  It also saves on time if you find you are crunched for time with a workout.

Hope you give these tips a try and find success from them!  I’d be more than happy to answer any questions in the comment section or emailed to FitandTonedWI@gmail.com that you may have.  And if you are interested in having a workout program designed for you, email me and I can get you started.  Have a great day!


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