5 ways that you can burn more fat

Do you ever feel like you aren’t getting enough out of your workouts or not making enough progress as you’d like to see?  It happens to all of us, we feel like we are putting in the work to burn fat and maybe lose weight or tone up.  Yet, we aren’t seeing the results that we would like to.  These easy tips could help you burn more fat and be more effective with your weight loss efforts

Increase your weight and decrease your reps.  If you are a cardio queen, stop and pick up some heavy weights.  Although cardio is important for health benefits and weight loss, lifting heavy weights will be the most effective in burning fat.  The reason behind this is that the more muscle you build, the greater your resting metabolism is and ultimately the more fat that you will burn throughout the day.  The rule of thumb is to lift a heavy enough weight so that you are fatigued by 8 or 10 reps.  Don’t do more than 10 reps and if you aren’t fatigued enough, increase your weight.

** Sidenote – only lift that amount of weight without compensating **

Drink water.  It might seem counterintuitive but drinking water will help you eliminate bloating and help rev up your metabolism.  Aim to take in approximately 1 gallon of water in a day for the best results and also avoid other types of beverages such as juice, soda and alcohol.

Perform supersets with minimal rest.  A superset is two exercises paired together that work different muscle groups.  For example, squats and pushups since they each work totally different areas of the body.  When performing them, you would do a set of squats then immediately a set of pushups without rest in between.  This helps increase your heart rate and burn more fat since it is a higher intensity than resting after each exercise.  Bonus – it saves on time also so you can get it done quickly if you find time is always a challenge for you.

Use protein after a workout.  Taking some type of protein supplement within 30 minutes of an intense workout will give you the best results since it helps repair the muscles which ultimately leads to increased muscle mass and more fat burning.  My preference is whey protein in the powder form mixed with milk or water.  Oh and you only need one scoop of protein for 8-12 oz.  Anymore than that will be wasted since your body cannot metabolize that much protein at once.  More is not always better…

Workout in the morning.  Granted, I am a big advocate for fitting in your workout for when it works best in your schedule.  But if that is not an issue for you, morning is best because it will help ramp up your metabolism and ultimately allow you to burn more calories and fat throughout the day.  Don’t forget to have a good breakfast afterwards to help replenish those lost nutrients.

Implement these tips into your routine and you will see the results if you are consistent!  And I’m all for saving on time since that is always a limiting factor in my day.  If you want more help to reach your goals of being healthy, contact me at brenda@revitalize-pt.com or check out our website.



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