3 ways to stay injury free as a weekend warrior

The weekend warrior.  Let’s admit it, we probably all fall into this category at some point in our lives.  I know I’m guilty of going out to race motocross with very minimal practice time outside of competition.  While it’s awesome that people want to stay active and involved throughout their life, it’s challenging on the body when it isn’t used to that level of activity.  While the best way to avoid injury is to train more for your sporting event so your body is adjusted, let’s be honest, most of us are short on time and it just doesn’t happen.  So follow the tips below to help you avoid injury if you are part of the weekend warrior ranks.

Proper warm up and cool down.  It’s important to give your muscles enough time to get warmed up before jumping into your sport.  This way they can be alittle more pliable and you decrease your risk of straining the muscle or tearing.  It’s similar to starting your car up in the middle of winter then driving balls to the wall right off the bat.  Chances are, your car is NOT going to like that and your muscles sure wouldn’t like that either.  Make sure you incorporate a dynamic warmup that begins to activate the muscles rather than just stretching.  An example is the inchworm exercise where you move from plank into a hinged position.


Cross training during the week.  Even if you don’t get a chance to go out and practice your sport during the week, making sure you get some type of activity in is a good idea.  Cross training is the technical name for doing other types of activities or sports, different from your main sport.  It’s great because it will still work your muscles and cardio endurance but challenges your body slightly differently than the sport you do.  This makes the body more well-rounded in regards to strength, stability and eliminating imbalances.  Ultimately, it helps you avoid injuries so make sure you’re going out over the week and doing some activity!

Give your body recovery time.  After a competition, it’s important that you give your body appropriate rest, especially if you are sore.  Do some easy stretching and foam rolling to aid in recovery and decrease soreness.  This will help your muscles get back to an optimal state for the next competition.  And it’s okay to take a day off for rest, but try to still do something active such as walking or the recovery aids above so you don’t stiffen up.

I hope this tips help you out for your next competition and keep you healthy and injury free.  If you are having pain or concerned about an issue, don’t hesitate to email us at Brenda@revitalize-pt.com or check out our website for more information.  Goodluck out there!!


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