3 beginner yoga poses to try today

Are you like me and find yourself running a million miles a minute during the day, constantly on the go and your mind always turned on?  Or maybe you are sitting during the day for your job and feel stiff and tight frequently?  If this rings a bell, perhaps you should think about trying yoga?  Granted, it is best to do a full yoga sequence regularly but even doing a few poses will get you on the path to less stress and more mobility.

I am so excited because we recently added yoga to our class offerings at Revitalize Physical Therapy (check out our schedule here), and Kristin, our awesome Rehab Technician, will be teaching them. If you are near Hales Corners, Franklin, or Muskego and want to join us for a yoga class, we would be more than happy to have you!  If you can’t make it, try these three beginner poses and see what you think.

  • Tree Pose: Begin in mountain pose (feet close together, good posture, arms at your side) then reach down and grab your right foot.  Pull it up and place the bottom of your foot onto your left inner thigh above the knee.  If this is too challenging, place the foot below the knee.  Try to keep your hips facing forward without twisting or bending.  You may place your hands in prayer position in front of you or above your head.  Hold for 5 breaths then repeat on the other side.


  • High Lunge: Begin in a forward bend pose (like you are touching your toes).  Take a step backwards with your left foot far enough so your right knee will bend approximately 90 degrees.  Try to keep your right thigh parallel to the floor and bend forward so your chest is resting close to your right thigh and reach towards the floor.  Think of relaxing your left hip and hold for 5 breaths.  Repeat with the other leg.


  • Downward facing Dog: Begin on your hands and knees with hands directly under your shoulders and knees directly under your hips.  Exhale and lift your pelvis up towards the ceiling and gently straighten your knees.  Your body should form an “A” as you press through your arms into the floor and continue to lift your pelvis and lengthen the spine.  Keep your head tucked in between your arms and hold for 5 breaths.


Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about doing any of these yoga poses.  And don’t forget that you can come try out a class with us.  Email me at Brenda@Revitalize-PT.com if you’re interested in learning more. Namaste!


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